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you should not expect anyone to agree with me
in other words,
unless you are paying me for being serious, you should not assume that I am not joking.

workThis is still under construction, and probably always will be - "due to financial constraints the light at the end of the tunnel has been permanently turned off!" Watch out for the falling bits and bytes, and remember that the pessimist sees the tunnel, the optimist sees the tunnel and the light at the end of it, while the realist sees the tunnel, the light, and the train coming at him (while the train engineer sees three morons sitting on the rails).

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I am a... well... who am I, anyway?

I am a mathematician - I received a Ph.D. in Mathematics from UCLA, Department of Mathematics in June, 1996. I studied there differential geometry under Professor Peter Petersen. My dissertation was titled "Metric Invariants of Alexandrov Spaces". I enjoy some less advanced math too.

I have a M.Sc. degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from Moscow Aviation Institute, Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, so I am a computer scientist too.

Still before that, I went to the Moscow Mathematical school number 57. The four years I spent there were almost as enjoyable as the four years in LA!

I enjoy reading (recently read, non-fiction: Hunter "Artificial Intelligence and Molecular Biology" Murray/Hernstein "The Bell Curve", Pinker "How the Mind Works" and "The Language Instinct", Mankiw "Macroeconomics", Bettelheim "The Uses of Enchantment"; fiction: Nabokov, Remarque, Borges, V.Erofeev, Max Frei, Stasheff, Heinlein, Pelevin), discussing current politics, computers, science, religion... well... everything! I love white-water kayaking, and I am pretty good at that, although it has been quite a while since I did it last time. I hope to do that again soon, but I have so many plans and so little time. The closest thing I did in the US was white-water rafting on the Lehigh river in Pennsylvania (the river is fairly trivial from the technical point of view).


Now that you know that not only you do not have to agree with me, but no one else can be expected to, you can read some of my general writing, serious and not:

  1. Do you know PI?
  2. Do not sell a friend to please a foe.
  3. Semantic Filtering - obsolete.
  4. Self-referencing statements.
  5. The Right Tool For The Job.
  6. Fragility of the Civilization.
  7. Zombies. Read it and try to figure out what I am talking about without reading the notes!
  8. Communism.
  9. What's important in life?
  10. Finite Fields and Polynomials over Them - a very basic text I wrote for my sister in 1995.
  11. Obsolete laws should go! [written: 1999-02-10]
  12. An aggression is an aggression [written: 1999-04-10]
  13. Illegal Drugs Should Be Made Legal [written: 1999-11-22]
  14. Vote Against For George W. Bush in the upcoming US presidential elections [written: 1999-12-13, updated 2003-12-16, 2004-09-10]
  15. Microsoft products SUCK! [written: 2000-01-20]
  16. Say NO to proprietary binary formats! [written: 2000-02-07]
  17. The best vacation in my life [written: 2000-09-02]
  18. UN is the PLO Propaganda Ministry [written: 2001-06-14]
  19. America Under Attack - the questions I have as an American citizen regarding the terrorist attack called "Pearl Harbor 2" by some commentators [written: 2001-09-12]
  20. The Doomed Crusade - on the failure of Western Ideology [written: 2003-09-04]
  21. Ruminations about the 60th anniversary of the D-day landing in Normandy [written: 2004-05-27]
  22. What makes a good joke? [written: 2005-08-05]
  23. Why are there so many people in the US jails? [written: 2006-07-27]
  24. OCaml Language Sucks [written: 2007-01-31]
  25. Military Applications of Ordinary Differential Equations [written: 2010-07-02]
  26. Risk/Reward Asymmetry [written: 2012-05-22]
  27. Psychiatry: huge, uncontrolled, unjustified power [written: 2012-10-04]

Well, now that you know who I am, I can tell you that I would be glad to know who you are. I am rather reclusive and I (almost) never initiate a conversation, so I would be especially glad to hear from you. You may go now. Hope to hear from you soon.

Important: the above invitation to send e-mail refers only to private e-mail sent to me personally. When I receive a junk mail message, I place the host on the spammer list and reject all mail from that domain. So, if you send mail and do not receive a reply within a week, please try re-sending the message from another host.

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