This was written 4 years ago in 1999 and contained anti-Bush propaganda. This has been updated in late 2003 with more up-to-date material. The last update, in September 2004, changed the title to the opposite.

Vote Against For George W. Bush!

One cannot deny that Bush is a "strong leader" - but are you sure he leads us in the right direction?

What are his accomplishments so far?

A choice - but what is the alternative?!

The upcoming elections is a rare occasion of a real choice. The difference between Bush and Gore or between Clinton and Dole was marginal. They had a hard time differentiating between each other (actually, some of the vehemence of the ad hominem attacks in the election propaganda might be caused by the closeness of major candidates and the need for separation from the opponent).

There appeared to be a big difference between Bush and some of the Democrat contenders, especially the original front-runner Howard Dean. We finally had a hope for a choice between tax cuts for the rich and huge subsidies for dying industries (like farms); between corporations having leeway to run the US as they please and corporations being paid double and triple to run the US the way the government bureaucracy wants.

The Democrats chose John Kerry.

Kerry said that he intends to win the war on terror. (Yes, Bush ended up withdrawing his honest admission that the war will not be won in the near future too).

How does he intend to win it?

Apparently, from his other statements (like improving the image of the US abroad), he wants to...

Just about the only thing we know for sure about Bush is that he is stubborn and he will not surrender.

The only thing I can say about Kerry is that he will surrender.

No, I am not sure that Bush is leading us the right direction!

Yes, I am sure that Kerry will lead us in the wrong direction!

Which crook do you like best?

Our system forces elected officials to accept bribes in the form of campaign contributions, so all our elected officials become crooks. Bribes corrupt even the best.

Way out: require all campaign contributions to be anonymous.

Each political campaign should be able to ask the Federal Election Commission to open a bank account for them. People will send checks to the FEC, marking them for deposit to that account. FEC will transfer money from that account to an account specified by the campaign weekly.

Without a court warrant, there should be no way to find out how much a given individual or organization has contributed to a given campaign. On the other hand, some summary of the contribution sources should be published by the FEC regularly.

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