You should not expect anyone to agree with me.

You see, my views are not quite politically correct. I do not wish to offend anyone, and I do not want to be sued by some mono-maniac. (Oops, I should be careful here!)

The proper translation of the expression politically correct into Russian is Идеологически Выдержано, that is conforming to the latest instructions of the Ideological Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Kinda lengthy, huh? Well, that's the strain of newspeak bred in the xUSSR. Now that you know the translation, I hope you understand why I am so disgusted at the concept of political correctness.

My (rather silly, of course!) disclaimer reminds me of a Soviet era joke:

A man runs into the office of an editor of a major newspaper in Moscow and demands to be permitted to make an official statement for the press. His statement is:

-- I do sincerely and solemnly distance myself from the political sentiments of my parrot, who flew away from me this morning!

Not that I am willing to disavow my views, but I do not want a third party (like my employer) to be pestered because of them.

Let me repeat: I understand that some of my views are controversial, to say the least. I do not mean to insult anyone though. If you think you are insulted, or think someone might be insulted, please send me a polite e-mail message, suggesting how I can rephrase my views in a less offensive way.