Microsoft Windows Design Flaws

Bill Gates should be awarded a Nobel Prize in both Medicine and Economics, because he was the first to manage to sell Pain In The Ass.

There are many problems with Microsoft as a vicious monopoly, but there are many more problems with Microsoft products. My Windows programming experience is limited to Common Lisp (even Windows do not suck, when you use Common Lisp) and Java, so the following is just the impressions of a user, not a system programmer.

daily crashes of winnt4sp6 on a Pentium200 with 80MB of RAM (a good laptop for 1999). Yes, I run Emacs, Exceed, Netscape, Outlook and several xterms all the time, so what?
Single tasking
Face it, the Windows UI was not designed with multitasking in mind. The following flaws stem from the fact the applications handle their windows themselves, i.e., the application decides whether I can do something with its windows, not me. The Right Way, of course, is to have the system manage windows (X window system has a dedicated window manager program just for that) just like the system manages window decorations.
Delusions of Grandeur
Windows seem to think that it exists alone in this world, which has been created specifically so that Windows will run on all PCs.
Security by Obscurity
Nothing is kept in plain text, so if something is corrupted, there is no way to figure out what, when, how, there is no way to fix anything - except for formatting the hard drive and installing Linux there.
Proprietary Protocols
Instead of using open public protocols, like IMAP, they rely on proprietary closed protocols, like MAPI, whose only purpose is to lock the users into using MS products. MS Outlook (which uses MAPI) is incredibly slow over a modem link, while Emacs + Gnus (which uses IMAP) delivers very good performance; demonstrating the tale of technical superiority of MS products to be a blatant marketing lie.

Microsoft Innovations

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