Multilingual Polysemy

I am interested in polysemes which work in some languages but not others.

argent (French) and כסף (Hebrew)
money and silver (this can be viewed as an example of metonymy because silver was a common coinage material)
קרבן (Hebrew) and жертва (Russian)
victim and sacrifice
sentence (English) and משפט (Hebrew)
judgment and phrase

Weird Phrases

לקבל החלטה (Hebrew) and принять решение (Russian)
make a decision - what I find strange is that both verbs לקבל and принять mean receive/accept (i.e., they are semantically passive rather than active)
עתיד ורוד (Hebrew) and розовые очки (Russian)
Association of color pink with abstract good. The Hebrew phrase means bright future (literally pink future). The Russian idiom to look through pink glasses means to be overly optimistic.

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