Sam Steingold


Applied Mathematics:
mathematical modeling using information theory, graph/social network theory, text analytics, differential equations, geometry, Bayesian analysis, stochastic processes, regression analysis, neural networks, support vector machines.
Software Development:
designed, developed, lead and coordinated design and development of numerous software packages, some of which are available on the Internet (see Attachment and Employment history).
Operating Systems:
UNIX (Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris); Windows.
Programming Languages:
Python, R; C/C++/Java; Scala, OCaml; Lisp/Scheme; Perl; Pig, Hive, SQL, SAS; Matlab, Maple, Mathematica, Maxima; Pascal; Fortran; Modula-2; Basic.
Distributed Data Processing:
Hadoop, Spark.
Research and Presentation:
conducted independent and joint research, wrote reports, and gave talks on the results.
Financial Markets:
experience with trading systems, their design, testing, and evaluating; familiar with various derivatives pricing methods, such as Black-Scholes analysis, risk-neutral valuation, binomial trees; hedging strategies.
built and managed a Data Science team of local and remote permanent members and contractors; mentored junior staff (modeling and software development); managed half a dozen contributors to a large Open Source project.



Achievements: The list of publications, conferences and software attached.

References: Will be furnished upon request.

Languages: English (fluent), Russian (native), French (reading), German (reading).

Personal: Citizen of the United States.

Attachment to the resume.



  1. S. Steingold, D. Crosta, B. Leung, J. Arfa "Monotonically Increasing Multi-Interval Continuous Calibration" submitted to CIKM 2016
  2. S. Steingold, M. Laclavík "An Information Theoretic Metric for Multi-Class Categorization", MLConf 2016 Seattle.
  3. M. Laclavík, S. Steingold and M. Ciglan ``Detecting Brands in User Search Queries'' WSDM QRUMS Workshop, 2016.
  4. M. Laclavík, M. Ciglan, A. Dorman, S. Dlugolinsky, S. Steingold, M. Šeleng. ``A Search Based Approach to Entity Recognition: Magnetic and IISAS team at ERD Challenge'' ERD2014, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, July 2014.
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Conferences attended:


independent software development:

some of these packages are available on the internet.